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Hey everyone, some of you might have heard, but I will be moving in September, and due to working on my own graphic novel, will not be doing conventions or commissions for the next 2 years or so.

So this summer is your last chance to grab any of the prints you've seen on my Deviant Art page.  All of the 'HEADSHOTS' are just $5 each, and you can get a deal by buying 2, and get 1 free!

Shoot me a message if you're interested!
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I'm trying to do lots more conventions this year, so I'll certainly keep this list as up-to-date as possible.  Here's what I've got so far up through the Spring.

Feb. 27--MSU Comic Forum--Lansing, MI
Mar. 13--Sarnia Pop Culture Show--Sarnia, ON
Mar. 18-20--Toronto Comic Con--Toronto, ON
Apr. 16-17--Fantasticon--Toledo, OH
May 7--Free Comic Book Day (Green Brain Comics)--Dearborn, MI
May 13-15--Motor City Comic Con--Novi, MI
May 27-29--Cherry Capital Comic Con--Traverse City, MI

I'm also going to add a discount to any commissions purchased before a convention.
Portrait (5x7)--Convention Price $25, Discounted to $20!
Draw you as your favorite character (5x7)--Convention Price $40, Discounted to $35!
Torso (5x7)--Convention Price $50, Discounted to $40!
Full Figure (9x12)--Convention Price $75, Discounted to $65!
Shoot me a message if you want a commission and will pick it up at one of these shows!

And be sure to check my stuff out on other social media too!  Convention announcements and new art are posted (a bit more frequently than here :P)

Such, however, is chivalry’s reward—its tail is knotted with sorrow’s snares.

—Parzival, Stanza 177, by Wolfram von Eschenbach

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Hey everyone!

So here's the lowdown.  I'm going to San Diego Comic Con, as well as New York Special Edition this summer.  These are great opportunities for me to pitch the graphic novel project I've been working on, as well as enlarge the fanbase and network of other professionals more than I've ever been able to.  The only problem is that both of these trips are pretty expensive.

So I'm holding a commission drive!  I'll draw a B&W 5x7 sketch of any character you want (Movies, TV, Comics, etc.) for just $25!  If you've ever thought about a commission from me, NOW IS THE TIME!

Remember, I will not be at C2E2 this year, and Motor City Comic Con looks like it won't happen for me either.  So if you are in the Detroit or Chicago area and were hoping to see me at one of those shows, that's not going to happen.

Message me for payment info, and we can get things started!

I'll be posting a lot of the artwork here on DA, so be on the lookout.

'Tis a gift to be simple,
'Tis a gift to be free,
'Tis a gift to come down where you want to be
And when you find yourself in the place that is right
You'll be in the valley of Love and Delight.
--Quaker Hymn 'Simple Gifts'
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It's that time of year again: the time when comic conventions become a thing.  I'm still in the process of working out some of the scheduling, but this here is a list of the conventions I'm looking at right now.

Definitely Going to be There
Toronto Comic Con                                      March 20-22
Fantasticon (Toledo)                                    April 11-12
Cherry Capital Comic Con                            May 22-24
Michigan Comic Book Expo                           Sept 26
Monroe Comic Con                                      Oct 3
Working it Out, Probably Going to be There
Free Comic Book Day                        May 2

Motor City Comic Con                        May 15-17

Heroes Con                                      June 19-21
Toronto Fan Expo                              TBA
Grand Rapids Comic Con                    Oct 16-18
Air Capital Comic Con                        Nov 14-15

Surprisingly NOT Going to be There

C2E2                                                April 24-26
Denver Comic Con                             May 23-25
Boston Comic Con                             July 31-Aug 2
Baltimore Comic Con                         Sept 25-27

Obviously, there's a lot going on here.  I'm really bummed out about not making it to those 4 at the bottom.  Scheduling has been very difficult this year.  If you are interested in a commission and I won't be at a show you're attending, please get in touch with me; I'd be happy to work something out with you.

'Listen now to a further point: no mortal thing
Has a beginning, nor does it end in death and obliteration;
There is only a mixing and then a separating of what was mixed,
But by mortal men these practices are named "beginnings".'
--Empedocles of Acragas
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The latest comic project I'm a part of is the 'Unlawful Good: A Crime Anthology' which has a story I illustrate, 'Obsidian.'

Please go on over and check out the kickstarter.  There are a lot of great creators involved in this project, and even better, there are some great incentives for donating (including a commission from me!)!…

Be sure to check back here soon for some more buzz about 'Unlawful Good,' and maybe a few previews of the comic!

'O the joy of that vast elemental sympathy which only the human soul is
capable of generating and emitting in steady and limitless floods.'
--Walt Whitman, 'A Song of Joys'
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  • Drinking: Milk're all coming out to Toronto Fan Expo, right?  It's going to be a great time.  I've been stuck in my studio all summer drawing, and I'll finally be able to get out and do a show!

I'll be at Table P108, right next to my friends Jay Fosgitt and Jay Jacot.  Come by, hang out, get cool stuff!

I'll do a big post about this in due time, but be on the lookout for 'Unlawful Good: A Crime Anthology' coming soon.  I've got a comic story in it, written by my friend Heather Antos.  It's some of my best work, so I'm really excited for the release.  I just posted the preview image for my story, so check it out!

Aside from that, I can't talk about much else.  I'm plenty busy, but it's all stuff that you'll have to wait for!

" understand is not more wonderful than to love."
--George MacDonald, 'Lilith'
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Really quick on this one:

I'm in need for some commissions, so if you'd like one, send me a note!

If you follow my facebook page, you know I do a lot of drawings of people as their favorite superhero, so you could get something like that.

I'm also trying to plow through a giant pile of blank sketch covers.  So if you'd like something like that, I'd be more than happy to do one for you!

Or maybe you want some other type of drawing from me.  Message me and we can talk!

'Life is but a struggle and the visit to a strange land.'
--Marcus Aurelius
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It's the middle of the summer, but I haven't done a convention since C4 on Memorial Day weekend (which was a blast, by the way).  I'm doing a lot fewer shows this year, mainly so I can focus on comic projects, which require a lot more time and effort on my part.

One thing I've noticed this summer is how much more time it takes me to finish a page.  Part of it, I'll admit, is that I procrastinate a bit more than I used to in school.  But another part of it is the fact that as I've developed as an artist, I take more time drawing.  I've finally gotten to a point where I have a good idea of what I want the image to look like, and I have the ability to actually make it happen (that might sound like a simple process to any layman, but for anyone that draws, that's HUGE).  The catch is that for me, more time is necessary.  But I'd rather end up with something great and have it take forever, than rush through something and have a mediocre product.

You might notice, though, that it's been quite a while since I've posted any comic pages.  Trust me, I am working on them.  But the only stuff I know I can post immediately are the sketch covers, sketch cards, and headshots.  What I've posted is about half of what I've been working on.

One plus to doing fewer shows this year is having less stress and a little more free time (and more free time makes for even less stress!).  If there's anything I've learned as an artist, its that stress is a horrible enemy of the creative process.  So this has been great!


                        Ah, my God,
What might I not have made of thy fair world,
Had I but loved thy highest creature here?
It was my duty to have loved the highest:
It surely was my profit had I known:
It would have been my pleasure had I seen.
We needs must love the highest when we see it,
Not Lancelot, nor another.
--Guenivere, lines 649-656
   Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Despite the fact that I'm a devout pessimist, I'm going to start with the good news.

Things have been going pretty well, from a work standpoint.  I've recently picked up a few decent freelance jobs, and convention season is starting up.  I started things off with the MSU Comics Forum last weekend, which was a lot of fun.  I got to meet Stan Sakai briefly, and I think I might have made a few fans.  Next up is Toronto Comic Con, which I'm looking forward to.  It's apparently going to be a bit bigger than I thought it would, so now I'm excited for it this weekend.

On the downside of things, I've been feeling the brunt of just how much life's ups and downs can have an effect on your work ethic.  I've been working very slowly, especially on my own projects.  I don't have a lot of time, since I absolutely NEED to have some very specific and important things done by C2E2 in April.  In fact, those freelance jobs I recently picked up have due dates around that weekend, too, so I really need to get out of this funk.

Well, I hope you all like the Doctor Who art I just posted.  Consider it a preview (and that's all I'm saying at this point...).

'The knight has only one heart, and this one is really no longer his, but has been entrusted to some one else, so that he cannot bestow it elsewhere. Love, which holds all hearts beneath its sway, requires it to be lodged in a single place. All hearts? No, only those which it esteems.'
--Chretien de Troyes, 'Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart'
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It was a good holiday season, and I really needed the break.  But I have spent my time relaxing, watching TV, reading, and playing video games, and now I'm back into the routine of drawing and stuff.

But at the start of the new year, I took a serious look at the work load I dealt with over 2013.  I am glad for the exponential increase in business, but I don't like that I was running around a ton, and overloading myself with projects.  So I've decided to put a bit more effort into making sure that I don't get bogged down with lots of extra projects, and that I'm a little more discerning regarding which conventions I do.

Interestingly enough, over the past few weeks, I find I'm getting more accomplished this way.  I'm back to doing about a sketch card a day, I've completed the script to my graphic novel (172 pages!), and I'm making headway on some longer-term commissions that kept getting pushed to the sidelines.  So you'll see a few new posts here soon.

Aside from that, I'm ready for 2014!  Let's get going!

'Man's word is God in man.'
--Idylls of the King, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  'Balin and Balan'--line 8
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Christmas is coming, so it's time to get someone you care about a special and awesome gift like art!  Between now and Dec. 18, I'm taking commissions to draw you (or someone else) as a superhero.  And it's only $50!

This is a hand-drawn, 5"x7" color illustration of someone as a superhero (Superman, Thor, Green Lantern, etc.), fantasy character (Frodo, Ned Stark, Harry Potter, etc.) or any other of your favorite pop culture character (Walter White, Don Draper, Katniss, etc.).  Shipping is $5 for the US, and $13 for international.  Prices will increase if I have to draw more than one character, the size increases, or if you want a background.

Message me here on DA, shoot me an email at  or contact me on facebook at
The sale ends Dec. 18, and keep in mind I have to have time to draw it and ship it to you, and you have to wrap it of course!

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It's that time of year again!  Oct. 25-27 is Detroit Fanfare at the Adoba hotel in Dearborn (same place it was last year, but the hotel was bought out by some other company, so the name changed).  

This show is always special for me, since it was the first comic convention I ever did, so it this one coming up marks the 3-year anniversary for my comic career. I have also met a lot of artists through this show that have become good friends, so I'm excited to see lots of people next weekend.

Still plenty to do in between now and then, though.  I've got some more prints to make, and I'll try to get a few more sketch covers done.  All the stuff you've seen me post lately will be available at the show, so drop by and buy some cool stuff!

'Alone, alone, all all alone,
Alone on a wide, wide sea.
And not a saint took pity on
My soul in agony.'
--S T Coleridge 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
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From now until Sept. 20, I'm taking sketch commissions at half price!  $10 for a headshot, $20 for a figure drawing.  Any character you want!  Shoot me a note here on DA, or an email to woodsted@gmail.comNaruto Sketch Commission by tedwoodsart

Aquaman sketch by tedwoodsart
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Well, it's obviously been about 8 months since I last wrote anything here, and it's been some time since I last posted any art.  It's all mainly been because of how busy I've been the whole time.  I guess DA was one of the things that got short-changed.

It'd be interesting to compare/contrast the list of conventions I planned to do, and the list of ones I actually did.  Heroes and MCCC falling through bummed me out, but Toronto and Boston (the second time around...long story) were great unexpected shows.  The only other show I have now is Detroit Fanfare the weekend of Halloween.  I'm looking forward to it, because it's a great show with lots of great people, and it marks another year of my time as an artist.

Another place to check out what I'm up to would be to 'Like' my page on Facebook.  I'm trying to update it pretty regularly with art you won't see everywhere else, so check it out.

It's funny, because even though I haven't posted for a while, there isn't much for me to update you on.  I've been drawing, doing shows, and trying to keep a modicum of organization to my schedule.  But fortunately, things are finally calming down.

Have faith, new art will be posted soon!

'You sit at my table?'
-'I thought this was the King's table.'
--Kingdom of Heaven
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Well, it's that time of the year again: the time when I try to figure out how I'm going to do things for the rest of the year.

First on the agenda, is a slight change in plan of attack as far as getting freelance work.  I've concluded that I prefer to work on my own projects rather than work on projects for other companies, when it comes to drawing and writing.  But on the other hand, I really love lettering no matter what (I'm slightly weird that way).  So I'm going to try really pushing my lettering abilities when it comes to work-for-hire, and advertise my comics, but not myself as a freelance artist.  We'll see how that goes.

As far as conventions go, I'm hoping to add a few more to the schedule this year.

Definitely going to do:
King Kon--Mar 9
Boston Comic Con--Apr. 20-21
C2E2--Apr. 26-28
Motor City Comic Con--May 17-19
Cherry Capital Comic Con--May 24-26
Heroes Con--June 7-9
Kids Read Comics--TBD
Detroit Fanfare--TBD
Gauntlet Con--TBD

Maybe do:
Planet Comic Con--Apr. 6-7
Denver Comic Con--May 31-June 2

A lot of these can't be finalized for a while, but this is the plan.  It's a busy one, but I like it.

Sadly, The Book of Love Vol. III is on a hold right now.  From September-December I was working on commissions and freelance, so I was never able to get progress on it (that kind of led to the thoughts I had in the first paragraph).  But I will have new comics for conventions this year: count on it.  I'll have two mini-comics.  The first is going to be a re-make of a comic I made at SCAD: "The Life and Legacy of Marcus Aurelius".  It's a biography and explanation of his philosophy.  I'm a big fan of comics as education, and this is my take on that genre.  The second mini-comic will be a preview of BoL 3, with some pages, sketches, and some exclusive stuff too.

So that's the plan, and I'm stickin' to it.

"Oh, stupidest of mortals, it takes to standing still, it ceases to be the wheel of Fortune."
--Boethius, "The Consolation of Philosophy"
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Still busy with various projects, but I just got back from visiting the family for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'm re-energized.

Conventions are done for the year (had a last minute con just a few weeks ago, too.  Gauntlet Con was great!… ), and now starts the process of getting everything ready for next year.  Got to print off a second print run of issue 2, and hopefully get things moving forward for issue 3 (the one downside to having a bunch of outside work is not getting to work on my own book).  I definitely like the Headshots I've been doing, so plenty more to come (hope you like Dr. Who!).  I've been lettering a lot of comics for other companies lately, so I should also have some extra books at my tables next year too.

Some of the posts to come might be a little festive: I'm drawing a Christmas card comic for a friend of mine (yes, you read that correctly), and I've got to make my own Christmas card as well.  

"In politics, there are no men, only ideas."
--Alexandre Dumas 'The Count of Monte Cristo'
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  • Reading: "The Life of St. Katherine of Alexandria&quot
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They say being busy is a good thing in the art world.  This is true, I guess.  But I still like the idea of having free time, too.  One thing I'm learning is that it seems pretty normal to have a wide variety of types of commissions.  Sometimes it's straight-up comic stuff, others its sketches and drawings of people's favorite characters, and often it's some weird idea that someone came up with.  I love how it's new every day!

I've been working on a commission lately.  If you're a fan of the Orson Welles 'War of the Worlds' radio show, then you'll like this thing I've been working on lately.

Oct. 20 is 24-hr. Comic Day.  It's an annual event where comic creators create a comic (24 pages, from start to finish) in 24 hours.  I don't know what sadistic, masochistic person created this holiday, but it's surprisingly a lot of fun.  I'll be getting together with a group of local artists for the day.  I'm not going to do the normal thing, though, I'll just bring work to do for the whole time.  I'm going to take a crack at redoing a mini-comic I made when I was at SCAD.  Should be a good time.

Detroit Fanfare is coming up.  It's Oct. 26-28.  Friday is the preview night, then Saturday and Sunday are full days.  Like I've said in the past, I consider my career as an artist actually starting at Fanfare 2010, so this con will mark the 2 year anniversary for me.  Come by and see how far I've come!

Well, lots of work to do between now and then.

"To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;
To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;
   To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;
To love, and bear, to hope till Hope creates
From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;
   Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent;
This, like thy glory, Titan, is to be
Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
This is alone Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory."
--PB Shelley 'Prometheus Unbound'
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Hey everyone,

Another quick update.  I've joined a sketch blog started up by fellow artist James Whynot.

I don't know everyone involved, but I think we're all comic artists in some way, so the themes will revolve somehow around that.  The first week's theme is the Saga comic from Image.  I'd never heard of it, but after researching it, had a lot of fun drawing the character Marko.

The other people I know on the blog are

Drew Zucker
Larson James

So definitely check it out on a weekly basis, as artists will be posting new stuff all the time.  The art I post there will NOT be posted here, thereby forcing you to visit more than one website while you're online.  So, ha!


"Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners..."
-Eph. 2:19
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  • Reading: Seriously, I'm going to start "Ender's Game"
  • Watching: Movie trailers
  • Playing: SSFIV: AE
  • Eating: Leftovers
  • Drinking:'s hot here!
Just a quick update.

Remember that I'll be at Heroes Con this weekend in Charlotte, NC.  I'm sharing a table with Jennifer Braunstein, so come by and pick up a comic, print, sketch card, and/or original sketch!

I've never been to Heroes before; when I was at SCAD, I was always taking summer classes when everyone would go, so I always missed out on the fun.  I've heard lots of great things about it, so I'm pumped.  It's my last convention appearance until Detroit Fanfare in October, so I'm looking forward to the break from the traveling.  Hopefully, it will give me a chance to get some work done on my comics.

And remember that right after Heroes Con, I'll be doing another interview on the Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast.  So be sure to check them out!

"But the Lord knoweth the days of the upright:
and their inheritance shall be for ever."
--Ps. 37:18
  • Listening to: "Shivered in the Sunlight" by Boy in Static
  • Reading: Next on the list is "Enders Game"
  • Watching: ATHF
  • Playing: Batman: AC Harley's Revenge
  • Eating: California Pizza Kitchen
  • Drinking: Strawberry/White Cranberry Juice
I was at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend.  It was kind of an experiment; a chance to see what the crowd is like and what type of stuff they buy.  Since it's a local show, I don't have an excuse NOT to do it, so I figure if I'll be there every year, I should take notes.

I think I've got an idea of what I can work on for the future, but it was an interesting learning experience in other ways too.  At most conventions, there are celebrities of some sort--comic and media alike.  So this show was no different.  But for the weekend, I was a few aisles away from one of the super-star artists of the show.  The people in between us didn't have a large setup, so I could easily see their booth for the whole weekend.
You know, in all honesty, fame doesn't look all that enticing to me.  First off, it easily goes to your head, and you end up believing your own press, which is always sensationalized.  In this day-and-age, it's easy for the media to quickly label the hottest star of the week to be "legendary," "amazing," "cutting edge" or something like that, and let's be honest, can we really make those judgments so quickly?  Would you really put so many people on such an upper-tier level?  I know I couldn't.  You also lose that personal connection with fans at a show.  If you've ever stopped by my booth, odds are, I started talking to you about what comics your into, how you like the show, the costume you're wearing, etc.  I just like talking to people at the shows.  And I love it when I can talk to other artists at shows.  But nothing is more awkward or off-putting than when you try to talk to an artist and they either don't have the time or don't have the care to talk to you.
So I learned about a few things that I don't want to do at a convention, which is always good.

My next convention coming up is going to be Heroes Con down in South Carolina.  I'm excited for it, since I'll be able to see all my friends from SCAD while I'm there.  I'll be sharing a table with Jennifer Braunstein, who did some art for The Book of Love Vol. II, so that will be a lot of fun.

I've got some lettering to do for Shot in the Dark Comics, too., which is always fun.

I've been recently put on two sketch card sets for Unstoppable cards, which I'm very excited about.

Lastly, if you didn't know, I have started writing reviews for the website Geekstronomy.  It's a site devoted to all things in the nerd culture, so stop by the site, and like their facebook page too…

Well, look forward to some more art very soon.

"Suppose, now, that in the mouse tribe there should rise up one claiming rights and powers for himself above the rest, would ye not laugh consumedly?"
  "The Consolation of Philosophy"
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